Ancient Depictions

Egyptian art has always followed a strict style formula, but Ankhesenamun's father, Pharaoh Akhenaten, experimented with bold new styles. Early in Ancki's childhood her family was drawn in a highly stylized fashion that would lead one to question whether her family actually came from Earth!

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In the second image, Ancki is the smallest girl, tugging on her Mom's (Queen Nefetiri) earring. Isn't she cute ... in .. an .. ET ... sort of ... way? Pharaoh Akhenaten wanted the world to know that he was a family man and had his family portrayed in these casual, intimate scenes.

Later, the style switched to a much more accurate depiction.

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There are a couple of statues of Ancki in Luxor. Unfortunately, their paint has worn off a long time ago.

134k 70k

These statue fragments are of either Ancki or one of her sisters.

59k 17k

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