Modern Depictions

Ancki has been portrayed in many books, documentaries, and even movies. She fascinates us. Here is a look at her many recent depictions.


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Who Killed Tutankhamun? Atlantic Productions, 2003

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Egypt's Golden Empire PBS, 2005

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King Tut Unwrapped Discovery Channel, 2010 (Ancki is in the second episode)

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Egypt: Rediscovering a Lost World BBC, Warner, 2005

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Nefertiti Resurrected Discovery Channel, 2003

89k 59k

King Tut's Final SecretsNational Geographic, 2005



The Mummy Universal Studios, 1932

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The Mummy Universal Studios, 1999


The Mummy Returns Universal Studios, 2001

138k 127k

Mummy Animated series vol 1 Universal Studios, 2001 (Ancki appears in the 2nd and 3rd seasons)
Mummy Animated series vol 2 Universal Studios, 2002
Mummy Animated series vol 3 Universal Studios, 2003

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La Reine Soleil Belokan Productions, 2007


224k 345k

Tutankhamun: Papyrus Vol. 3 Cinebook, LTD, 2009


Epic Illustrated No.8 (Oct 1981) Marvel, 1981


363k 425k

San Francisco Wax Museum

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