About me

I enjoy creative projects involving computer technology. As a teenager, I started out in the 1970's making my own RCA 1802 based COSMAC ELF computer. By modern stardards, it didn't do much, but I learned a lot and it was a thrill to own my own computer. A few years later, I bought a Commodore Amiga.

The Amiga ignited my interest in computer graphics. When Byte by Byte's Sculpt 3D was released in the mid 80's, I created a 3D girl out of 4500 triangles. Back then it took me many hours to render a grainy 4096 color image, but it was a lot of fun! 3D graphics are much more powerful today. For example, I was able to digitally paint my posable mannequin in Photoshop with the aid of a 3D modeling program called Poser. Modeling Ancki in Poser and adding and rendering her Mummy movie body paint gave me perspective corrected images to layer over my mannequin photos with no mess to cleanup afterwards.

I'm also fascinated in ancient Egypt. In some ways they were like most pre science societies with their many superstitions, but in a lot of ways, they were quite modern. They believed in expanding wealth through trade, had a thriving middle class, and, at least to some extent, a government restrained by rule of law. Their women even enjoyed more rights then many modern women do. While they didn't invent civilization, they greatly improved it.

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